sister is a verb

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Religions Are Like Hats


Religions Are Like Hats

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I’m guessing she’ll pick a Super Hero cake. Or pure chocolate. Maybe both.


One of my favorite things to do when someone makes a sexist comment regarding one of my kids (“I bet she’ll pick out an all pink princess cake for her birthday, won’t she?”  ”He won’t like books like that, it’s for girls.”  ”That must just be a boy thing.” “That’s such a girl thing.”) is to look confused for a moment, then simply ask, “Why?

I’ve found people tend to tune out lectures or arguments about forced gender roles (plus, the dentists office isn’t really an ideal place to go on a rant), but perhaps asking people to question themselves and their beliefs/ideas for a moment could lead to small changes.  Why? 

Sometimes they back track, sometimes they hesitate, sometimes they admit they don’t know, sometimes they dig their heels in and restate their claim, but for a brief second they considered Why?  Why do I believe that?

We all have to start somewhere.  ~JJ


Spread this shit like wildfire 


Spread this shit like wildfire 






Sorry to dump the rains of reason down on your intellectual bonfire here, but if the shoe fits, by all means, wear it. If you want to deny facts and science, that’s your business, until you’re putting other people’s lives at risk. Which you are. Should any of your children get an illness preventable by a vaccine you blithely skipped, I hope you’re charged with child abuse. If they don’t survive, I hope you’re criminally charged with their deaths.

However, I don’t wish any of that on your family, because it happened to my grandparents. My Aunt Sharon died before her tenth birthday of polio, shortly before the vaccine was introduced. My grandparents saw their firstborn go from a vibrant young girl to a shell incapable of breathing without an iron lung. My grandmother never really talked about her much. Having lost your child in such a horrific way is nothing I’d want to wish on anyone, but you’ve apparently made peace with it. Good for you!


You should meet Kathryn Riffenburg. Her nine-week-old son died of whooping cough, an easily preventable disease that he was unable to be vaccinated for because he was too young. Previously, herd immunity protected wee ones like him. Instead, his mother chose a closed casket funeral because the suffering his little body endured made him unrecognizable. 

But I suppose his death was just a scare tactic, yeah? And about Big Pharma supposedly making a profit off of vaccines — it’s much more profitable for you and yours to be UNVACCINATED, what with so many serious illnesses requiring long-term, chronic care having been virtually eliminated — until now. So maybe YOU’RE the tool of Big Pharma! DUN-DUN-DUN!

Or maybe you’re just a big tool. Hopefully, this whole going irresponsibly unvaccinated thing works out for your family and you’re never left sitting at a gravesite wondering why you thought it was a-OK to play Russian roulette with your child’s life. One in 1,000 who get measles will die. I suppose it’s more likely than not that you’ll be lucky, but I’d also venture that not everyone who would come into contact with your walking disease vectors children would share the same luck.

In summary, if you ever accidentally follow me again, here’s a handy guide:



Oh sweet jeebus, I’m still getting messages from people like this. Y’all can take several seats, because none of you will change my mind on how irresponsible it is to leave your spawn unvaccinated.

Ummm… so this vaccination info-rant is WAY better than the mini one I posted this morning.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A Small, Important Lesson About Consent



One of my kindergarten boys kept hugging another boy in class. The hugger was smiling big time, and just trying to show the other boy that he cared for him. The huggee was noticeably uncomfortable at times. 

Me: John*, I don’t think Sam* wants you to keep hugging him.

John: Why?

Me: Well, he isn’t smiling while you hug him. *John looks at Sam and back to me, inquisitively* Do you like to blow bubbles, John?

John: I love to!

Me: So do I. As people, we have a type of bubble around us, but it’s not a bubble we can see. We let some people that we really love come into our bubble, but we keep some people out of it. When you just hug someone without them saying it’s ok, you’re popping their bubble, which isn’t a very nice thing to do. 

Sam: I have a bubble?

Me: Yep! And, if someone gets too close to you, or touches you when you don’t want them to, you can just tell them “you’re in my bubble”, and they’ll know to back away. *turning to John* If someone tells you to stay out of their bubble, you have to listen.

John: Or I’ll pop it?

Me: You got it.

Later, I saw John hugging Sam again, and I went over to say something. John looked at me and said, “He said I could be in his bubble, now!” and Sam just nodded with a big smile.

I want to thank my friend JJ for giving me the courage to teach complex ideas to children. I don’t know if this lesson will last, but it’s one we can continue to talk about.


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In the Buffy world 20-30 years from now, would Buffy and Faith be friends, get along, would they be sick of eachother by then? Ohhhh let’s go there (x)

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How can one not love Fry.


How can one not love Fry.

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my feminism isn’t second-wave or third-wave, it’s new wave. join me as I sing about gender stereotyping and intersectionality over a melodic synth line

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whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal


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